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  • Clothing - what should I wear?
    Winter clothing. Clothing for the balloon ride should consist of warm long underwear and appropriate outer clothing. Flat winter boots are particularly important. Warm socks and enough space in high heels will ensure you warm feet. Basically, we recommend ski clothing, if possible according to the layering principle. Headgear, gloves and a scarf are also important. Summer clothing. If in doubt, your summer clothing should consist of ski underwear and a warm jacket. It is best to dress according to the onion principle, depending on your own temperature sensitivity! Sturdy and flat shoes, ideally mountain boots are mandatory!
  • Can I use my cell phone during the balloon ride?
    No. The Aviation Act prohibits the use of cell phones in aircraft. That means also in the balloon. Turn off your cell phone for the duration of the balloon ride. After landing you can switch it on again.
  • Is it allowed to take photos?
    Yes. You can take photos from the air. So don't forget to take your camera, video camera or binoculars with you! However, we cannot accept any responsibility for the publication of your self-made pictures! Visit our gallery of our experiences and let the pictures speak for themselves.
  • What weather is ballooning in?
    Safe ballooning is only possible in good weather. A strong or gusty surface wind (over 5 m/s), rain or poor visibility do not allow a balloon flight. The day before the planned flight, the pilot will inform you exactly whether a balloon flight is possible. Rarely, however, does a balloon ride have to be canceled shortly before take-off or even directly at the take-off site due to weather or wind conditions. This is at the sole discretion of the pilot-in-command. For a balloon ride you should bring a certain degree of flexibility in your scheduling and patience. The ideal weather for ballooning cannot be forced. We ask for your understanding that there may be waiting times or postponements! About 24 hours before the trip we get the current information about the weather. Accordingly, we inform our guests on the day before the trip between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. If the conditions are favourable, we will agree on the starting point, the meeting point and the time.
  • How fast does a hot air balloon go?
    The speed of the balloon is the same as the wind speed. If the surface wind blows at more than 5 m/s, it is not possible to raise the balloon safely. So this is the limit for our balloon rides.
  • How high can you go in a hot air balloon?
    The best and most spectacular view is at about 3,000 - 4,000 m, where you can enjoy the so-called 300° view of the entire Alpine panorama. However, there is no obstacle to climbing higher than 4,000 m - with the help of oxygen, of course. With specially equipped hot-air balloons, heights of up to 17 km have been reached. However, a minimum height of approx. 300 m should be maintained above cities and towns.
  • How long does a hot air balloon ride take?
    Balloon rides with passengers usually last around an hour. However, it is possible to make longer journeys. The duration of the balloon ride depends on the air temperature and the weight of the ballast carried (basket, passengers, equipment, etc.).
  • How is a hot air balloon steered?
    The balloon travels in the same direction and at the same speed as the wind. A skilled pilot uses the different winds at different altitudes to maneuver through the valleys. At different heights you can steer the balloon in the desired direction to some extent. The pilot uses the burner for this: the warmer the air in the envelope, the higher the balloon rises. If the pilot does not use the burner for some time, the air in the envelope will slowly cool down. The balloon is falling.
  • How do I get back to the starting point (meeting point)?
    As the balloon slowly floats away towards the sky, the ground crew follows the balloon's journey with the vehicle. The pursuer tries to get to the landing site through visual contact and with the help of maps and radio. The ground crew helps the pilot and passengers pack and stow the balloon. Afterwards, the passengers are brought back to the starting point - meeting point.
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