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With alpineballooning – austria/tirol, Andy Nairz fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2010 and turned his passion into a career. With the purchase of the company, which has been in existence for 25 years, he and his team are successfully continuing the long history of ballooning in Tyrol. But even before that he was always looking for the extraordinary. For example as a skydiver, whitewater rafting guide or snowboarder from the very beginning.

With his training as a flight instructor in 2012, after acquiring his pilot's license in 2005 and the commercial exam in 2007, he successfully completed another milestone in his career.

Many balloon meetings have taken Andy Nairz across the borders of Austria and all over the world
out. Trips in Italy, Finland, Africa or Nepal made you feel like you were in the air
only get stronger.
With over 1000 trips as a pilot in command, he is one of the most experienced pilots in the Alps.

For Andy Nairz, ballooning is not just a job, but a passion and a way of life.

"Safety comes first"!
- Andy Nairz

The team

Due to the many years of experience of the pilots and their crew (Lisi, Franz, Bobo, Lukas, Isi, Karin, Heli, Gitti, Peter, Christian, Barbara, Walther, Gigi, Dani, Reinhard and Lilo), a balloon ride with alpineballooning - austria/ tyrol certainly an unforgettable experience. Conquering the Alps with just the help of the wind and hot air has its own charm. In addition to the uniqueness of the landscape, you suddenly realize that a balloon ride forces you to slow down. You perceive things much more intensely and your head becomes clearer and clearer. Ascend with us and discover the world in a different way. Reinhard Karl put it better with his statement: "Whoever climbs higher will see further".


Crew – Team – Erdferkel

"A cheeky, if affectionate, name for non-balloon helpers. They help with assembly and dismantling and pick us up again in the car.”


Good luck - good country!

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