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Planning process

Conquering the Alps with just the wind and hot air has its own charm. A balloon ride in Tyrol means not only being in the rhythm of nature, but also discovering the freedom of life. A ride in a balloon is your dream? Basically, flying has always been a dream of mankind. Das team von alpineballooning – austria/tirol is trying to make this dream come true. Because to hover over Tyrol is unique!


Balloon ride – Tyrol – summit happiness for everyone

In other words, everyone can enjoy the view of the Tyrolean mountains. Basically, no knowledge is required. Normal condition or fitness is sufficient. That means everyone can ride! Children can ride too. Provided they are at least 140 cm tall to be able to see over the basket. People with disabilities are also welcome on our trips! If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. In addition, do not hesitate and get it contact with us!


Balloon ride – Tyrol – The planning

After you have received a voucher for a ride, you can make an appointment with us for a ride. Our vouchers are valid on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please note that you should contact us about 3 - 4 weeks earlier for your desired date .

For a ride in a balloon you should bring a certain degree of flexibility and patience. The ideal weather cannot be forced. We therefore ask for your understanding that there may be waiting times or postponements due to the weather! In this case, we advise you and it would be an advantage to let us know an alternative date when booking!

We contact our guests the day before the trip at around 4:00 p.m. with details and whether it is generally possible to start according to the weather report. If conditions are favourable, we will agree on the starting point, meeting point and time. By phone, email or SMS.

Telephone service hours
Mon - Fri 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m


No party traffic - tickets are sent exclusively by email or post!


Attention - important information!

Alpineballooning – austria/tirol reserves the right to cancel a booked “little Alpine trip” and to postpone it to the next possible date due to a sponsorship or an Alpine crossing!

Balloon ride – Tyrol – The procedure

After we got to know each other at the meeting point, we drive to the launch site in our car. Rigging a balloon involves building the basket and expanding and inflating the envelope. Here we need the help of our guests, because without your help we cannot start!

After the start we drive about 150 - 300 m over the landscape. The journey turns into a voyage of discovery, because there is seldom a view as beautiful as here in Tyrol. Although it's still morning, we're spotted! Everyone looks up to us and waves to us! For example, the workers on the street or the students who are on their way to school! The balloon continues to float and our gaze is directed upwards. We're rising fast! Excellent! During the ascent, the sun begins to warm us. Thank God, because it was a bit cold at the starting point. The mountains of Tyrol are now at our feet.

After we have solid ground under our feet again, we pack up the balloon together and drive back to the meeting point. The so-called "balloon pilot's baptism" with champagne and certificate also takes place at the meeting point.


Balloon ride – Tyrol – The balloon blog

By the way! Das  tells exciting stories about ballooningteam from alpineballooning - austria/tirol not only between pastures and mountain peaks in the basket but also in our balloon blog.


General information for ballooning

The balloon ride should be a unique experience for everyone, including wheelchair users.
Look forward to it!
In order for this to be a wonderful experience, please note the following information for the balloon ride:

  • Tell the pilot about any health problems or limitations (heart, circulatory system, joints, operations, body weight, or similar) when booking the trip. If in doubt, please contact a doctor!

  • In the case of pregnancy, a balloon ride is expressly forbidden! We will be happy to postpone the balloon ride to a later date!

  • Glass or glass-like, pointed or sharp objects may not be carried in the balloon basket.

  • For the trip, we recommend hiking clothing that is appropriate for the season. Sturdy, flat shoes are particularly important for a secure footing. Pack photo or video equipment in a sturdy bag.

  • Smoking during the balloon flight is prohibited. This also applies within a radius of 50m around the basket, trailer and cover.

  • Please follow the instructions of the pilot and his helpers.

  • Please do not touch lines, hoses, valves or instruments!

  • Do not throw objects overboard.

  • The landing procedure is explicitly explained by the respective pilot before the flight.

  • Only leave the basket after landing if you have been explicitly asked to do so!


Information for the balloon flight – winter clothing

The clothing during the balloon flight should consist of warm long underwear and appropriate outer clothing. Flat winter boots are particularly important.
Warm socks and enough space in high heels will ensure you warm feet.

Basically, we recommend ski clothing, if possible according to the layering principle. Headgear, gloves and a scarf are also important.


Information for the balloon flight - summer clothes

Your clothing in summer should consist of a warm jacket and hiking pants. It is best to dress according to the onion principle, depending on your own temperature sensitivity!

FAQ (frequently asked questions) – you can find here  answered. Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about ballooning here!

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