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Alpine trip

Conquering the Alps with just the wind and hot air has its own charm. Ballooning in the Alps means not only being in the rhythm of nature, but also discovering the freedom of life. Find the right experience for you! Below you will find our balloon flight prices and products. The overview should help you.

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On the way up quite a bit with the small alpine tour! Hover up to 3000 m above the mountains of the Alps. You will remember this experience forever. Nature is just there - sometimes unobtrusive, sometimes spectacular. She invites you to move in her. Due to the mountains, choosing the starting point for our rides is very important! That's why you can't choose a fixed starting place with us, but a starting environment! The goal of our balloon ride is always the Inn Valley.


Depending on the wind direction, over 20 different starting points throughout Tyrol enable us to show you the beautiful mountain world of Tyrol, provided the weather conditions are good.
Teamwork is required before the journey begins! Gearing up together before the flight and packing the balloon together before the flight are part of a successful balloon flight.
The crowning glory is the balloonist's baptism with champagne and a certificate.



Duration: at least 60 minutes

Depending on visibility and airspace restrictions imposed by Austro Control, the altitude is between 1500 m and 3000 m.

  • Setting up and dismantling the balloon together

  • Pick-up and drop-off from and to the agreed meeting point

  • Baptism with certificate

  • Passenger Accident Insurance

  • The booked balloon ride in the agreed starting area

Attention - important information!

alpineballooning – austria/tirol reserves the right to cancel a booked “little alpine trip” and to postpone it to the next possible date due to a sponsorship or an Alpine crossing!!

If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ (frequently asked Questions). For questions about planning and the course of a trip, click here. In addition, do not hesitate and get it contact with us!


Deposit: Euro 380.00 / person

No party traffic - tickets are sent exclusively by email!

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Strahlender Sonnenaufgang.jpeg
Locherboden - SChönau_25.11 (36).jpeg
Locherboden - SChönau_25.11 (36).jpeg
L-Boden - Falurling 08.06.13 (2).jpeg
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