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Start environment / start times

The wind alone determines the direction and thus the launch site! Because of the mountains, the selection of the launch site is very important for us! That's why you can't choose a fixed starting place with us, but a starting environment! We always choose our starting point according to the direction of the high wind. The profile of the high-altitude wind is decisive for the selection of the place. To do this, we monitor the weather over Europe and Tyrol on a daily basis.


Start environment

Our starting places in Tyrol.

Our starting places are in the greater Innsbruck area:
In the west to the Mieminger Plateau, in the east to Achensee and Zillertal!
Which starting place we choose in this region is determined solely by the high-altitude wind on the day of the trip.

About 24 hours before the trip we get the current information about the weather. Accordingly, we inform our guests the day before the trip at around 4:00 p.m. If conditions are favourable, we will agree on the starting point, meeting point and time.

Please consider that we are moving in a meadow for take-off and landing, or possibly in impassable terrain. That means sturdy and flat shoes, ideally mountain boots, are mandatory!

Which season is the best?

Ballooning is possible in Tyrol all year round. You choose! Depending on which season is most beautiful for you. Whether the mountains in winter or even in summer, the colors of a forest in autumn, or green meadows in spring! A ride in a balloon has its appeal in every season! Please note that start times can vary greatly depending on the time of year.


Boot Environment Start Times

Spring: around 6 a.m
Summer: around 05:00
Autumn: around 08.00 a.m
Winter: approx. 08:00 - 09:00

If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ (frequently asked Questions). For questions about planning and the course of the trip click here. In addition, do not hesitate and get it contact with us!

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