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Crossing the Alps

Fly over the Alps to Italy in a hot air balloon! The journey takes you along the Großglockner, the Großvendiger, the Zillertal Alps and the Dolomites to the Po Valley in front of Venice. Compared to the Alpine balloon ride, which is already considered an absolute experience, the ride in a hot air balloon over the entire Alpine arc to Italy is the ultimate treat. Incredible views of the Alps and Dolomite peaks and especially the Adriatic Sea in the distance.

Berge in Flammen_edited.jpg
Berge in Flammen_edited.jpg

The wild peaks of the Tyrolean Alps rise up right at the beginning. At least now you know why Tyrol is called the heart of the Alps. With at least 100 km/h to Italy! Past glittering snowdrifts. Depending on the wind direction, we drive over the Dolomites or Sassolungo and Catinaccio. Before we leave the mountains behind, we can already see the sea shimmering. Finally, we are rewarded with a view of Venice and the Lagoon. A grand finale!

A balloon flight over the Alps means not only being in the rhythm of nature, but also discovering the boundless freedom of life. Conquering the Alps with just the wind and hot air has its own charm. In addition to the uniqueness of the landscape - from the glacier-covered mountain peak to the view of the lagoon of Venice - you suddenly realize that a balloon ride forces you to slow down, you perceive things much more intensively and your head becomes freer and clearer. Far away from everyday life and hustle and bustle, experience nature with all your senses, feel yourself again and experience one of the last adventures of our time.


For a crossing of the Alps you should bring flexibility in your scheduling and patience. The weather for  lpenüberquerungen cannot be enforced. We therefore ask for your understanding that there may be waiting times! Wind direction - wind speed - visibility - ground visibility and the weather in the landing area must be right!

That's why there are only two to three chances in winter for a trip. Due to wind and thermal developments, only the period from November to the end of February comes into question!



Duration: Balloon ride 3 - 5 hours depending on wind speed. But you should take the whole day or an overnight stay in Italy.

Period: November – end of February


  • Depending on visibility and airspace restrictions imposed by the responsible authorities and airports, the altitude is between 4000 m and 6500 m

  • Setting up and dismantling the balloon together

  • Pick-up and drop-off from and to the agreed meeting point

  • Baptism with certificate

  • Passenger Accident Insurance

  • oxygen supply

Attention - important information!

Alpineballooning – austria/tirol reserves the right to cancel a booked “little Alpine trip” and to postpone it to the next possible date due to a sponsorship or an Alpine crossing!

If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ (frequently asked Questions). For questions about planning and the course of a trip, click here. In addition, do not hesitate and get it contact with us!


EUR 1,800.00 / person
Deposit: Euro 380.00 / person

No party traffic - tickets are sent exclusively by email!

Berge in Flammen_edited.jpg
Berge in Flammen_edited.jpg
L-Boden - Hatting 05.10_edited.jpg
Fahrt Toblach-Meolo bei Venedig 08.01 (47).jpeg
Wattens - Fügen_04.04 (21).jpeg
St.Johann-Ebbs 28.03.14 (4).jpeg
Seefeld-Afling 22.08.13 (11).jpeg
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